Word Count: 16,781.

This is clearly a little delayed, haha, but I thought some of my readers might enjoy it.

Getting back into the swing of NaNoWriMo is absolutely exhausting. I’ve charged full-force into it this year and am attempting to juggle it along with two jobs, my senior year of college, and a romantic relationship that is slowly but surely moving toward marriage. Friendships? What are those? Family communication? C’mon. Basically, my entire life right now revolves around writing, and writing with those that I love.

I’m beyond lucky that my boyfriend is doing NaNoWriMo with me. He’s using it to write a script for a webcomic that he plans on pursuing and I am super excited and proud of the progress he’s made, since he’s just as stressed as I am if not more so. The good thing about this semester is that I can BS a lot of my assignments if I need to. If I fall behind in my lit classes, SparkNotes will help me with my daily participation grade. The things I write for NaNo are useable in my Fiction Writing class. But my boyfriend is an Illustration major, which means he’s drawing day in and day out to try to get his assignments done as well as trying to accomplish them to the highest level of his ability as possible. I can’t imagine being under that kind of strain. Regardless, it means we get to spend time together at the local Nashville write-ins, so that helps thoroughly.

I’m not satisfied with my word count, though. I feel like I was a lot farther ahead at this point last year and thus far I’m only barely staying ahead of the word goal every day, whereas most of my write-in buddies are already hitting 25K and 30K. It’s a dash to my pride. But I have to learn to write slower, lest EVERYTHING I write come out as crap. I won’t have a huge amount of time to do significant revising, so it’s important that I get a lot of this done on the first shot.

At least my characters are behaving thus far. I wrote the integral seduction scene a few days ago and Erik even let me fade to black. Fancy that. Unfortunately I still need to write a scene or two bridging INTO the seduction scene, and that is proving far more difficult than I anticipated.

Long story short…I’m unsatisfied with my word count, but I’m satisfied with my story. I suppose that’s what makes the real difference.