* Day 18 – Who is the antagonist in your novel? What drives their actions?

This is a tough question, actually.

I suppose that one could assign the role of Odalys, Erik’s chief hallucination, to antagonist. She is manipulative. She is prideful. She rules over Erik and dictates his actions and she is incredibly jealous of that Freya girl. But she is still just a hallucination, one that Erik actually controls.

Therefore, Erik is the real antagonist. He created Odalys. She might play on his subconscious, but she cannot exist unless Erik allows her to through being unmedicated. Erik’s actions are driven primarily through his paranoia and secondarily through his obsession with Freya and his desire to keep her all to himself. If he had his way, no one in the world would see her or be able to touch her but him. No one.