* Day 16 – At around the half-way point, it bears mentioning that most of us wrimos have other obligations beside simply hitting that elusive word count. What else do you have going on in your life (work, school, children, neurotic pets, etc.), and just how much are you shafting it to win NaNo?

As mentioned before, I work two jobs, go to school full-time in my senior year, have a relationship to keep healthy, and I moderate a roleplaying forum.

Wow. Just writing that makes my head spin.

Work is not allowed to be shafted. Really, work has priority over NaNo, if I can be honest. There’s no way that I would ever skip work just to write my novel, for example, no way at all.

School is shafted in that I don’t always reach the reading goal that I am supposed to have in my two literature classes. I often have to SparkNote the remaining sections just to get caught up for the next day’s reading. I’ve missed a writing exercise in my Creative Writing class, though I think my teacher will allow me to make it up. Spanish…I’m pretty steady in that. But I did put off this huge presentation due for it on Monday in favor of writing.

My boyfriend and I are both just really missing each other. Writing is a lonely practice. It requires you to sit in a room without interacting with anyone so that you can get the pages written that you need to, as well as to write them well. But NaNo is also pushing my boyfriend and I enough to realize that we don’t want to keep being apart like this. In a way, it’s better for the future development of our relationship.

As for the roleplaying forum, I have taken a month long hiatus, and they all understand that. The other three that run it are keeping it going and they know I’ll be back December 1st, if not sooner, thank goodness.