* Day 13 – Name a male character from your novel. Describe him through the point of view and words of the female character you introduced in question 3 (if they never interact, pick another female character).

“Erik…Erik Moore. There are far too many things that I can say about him.

Erik marches to the beat of his own drum. No matter what Dr. Hammond or Pastor and Sister Randall say to him, he refuses to let them rule him. Intimidation won’t do a thing. He just sort of…floats through the day, staring everyone down, daring them to come after him, commanding them to keep a safe distance if they have no courage. He’s brilliant. He really is.

I’m not quite sure what he does all day. He doesn’t have a job, which is why I pay for his room in the boarding house and his food, but…he never seems bored. There is apparently always something for him to spend his time doing, even in the sleepy village of Boulder Springs, Nebraska. I’m starting to grow suspicious, actually. There might be some detective work that I need to do, but…but I’m so hesitant to do it.

This is the man who made me into a woman. Me, Freya Lyfield! I don’t even care if the church says it was wrong. He’s so right every time that he reminds me that we’ve found a love that no one else can really understand. I saved his life. You can’t share that with just anyone. I don’t even care when he gets a little pushy. It’s just a product of his passion.”