Time to play catch-up, haha.

* Day 3 – Pick one of your female characters. Introduce your readers to her, from her point of view and her words only.

Good afternoon! My name is Freya Lyfield. I’m, umm, twenty-six years old, but…frequently I feel far younger than that. I’ve lived in a bubble for the majority of my life, tucked away on Lyfield Farm. I even lived there through college and pharmacy school to care for my mother and to make sure my brother Peter got a few decent meals every day. If it wasn’t for me, I think he might stay outside on the fields and in the barn all day long.

That…makes me wonder if he is eating now. Oh, dear…

Boulder Springs is a very…interesting place. Very spiritually-minded, of course, but it is so secluded that I feel as if it is stuck around fifty years in the past. While the rest of America developed…Boulder Springs stayed behind. I believe that Pastor Randall and his wife Adele rule the town far more than the Mayor does, honestly. It’s a little frightening. They have already driven away my closest friend in the town. I can’t imagine if they drove Erik away as well.

…dear me, this is supposed to be about me and not my silly worries, isn’t it? I apologize. I…shall go back to work now.