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* Day 4 – What genre is your novel? Why did you pick it?

My novel’s genre is horror in the broadest terms, though I prefer to narrow it down to psychological horror. There’s no supernatural fluff going on in here. There’s no mass murderer just picking people off in the town. This is a book purely about how one man’s unattended psychological condition can drive him to do the most horrendous things that one can imagine.

I picked it because of prior experience with schizophrenia. I know someone who was diagnosed as schizophrenic a few years back, and though I am unsure if the diagnosis was correct or not, I became sort of fascinated by it. People often confused schizophrenia with a multiple-personality disorder, but that’s not what it is at all. Schizophrenia is when you literally hallucinate things that are not real. Something just…goes wrong in your brain, and the centers of your brain that are responsible for interpreting the signals that help your eyes see and your ears hear suddenly go a little haywire. You see things that are not real, but they are so vivid that you can’t doubt their realism. You hear voices as plain as you might hear your sister talking to you on the phone. It’s a terrifying thing.

I wanted to bring life to a schizophrenic. Specifically, I wanted to bring life to a paranoid schizophrenic who also struggles with neurotic and OCD tendencies. I wanted to find a way to make his disorder realistic and terrifying simply from the fact that his descent isn’t totally obvious at first. There’s really no way to do that without making the novel genre horror.