Day’s Word Count: 4,758.

Total Word Count: 26,023.

Words to Go: 23,977.

I’m definitely geeking out a little about those almost-5,000 words. I can’t believe I did that today. I sacrificed time I could have spent studying for a test or seeing a concert on campus, but goodness, it was so far beyond worth it I can’t even explain it. I finally hit on a pair of characters that have the most outrageous chemistry together and it gave me such a heady high that I just couldn’t stop. Even when I forced myself to close the scene, I hated myself for it because all I wanted to do was write more.

Unfortunately, it also means I’ve run into a little problem. You see, this pair of characters with the outrageous chemistry is not my main romantic pairing, Leana/Tenor. It is actually the friendship pairing of Leana/Andrew. I also have a feeling that they’re going to end up having crushes on each other at some point or another…and that could severely ruin the flow of my novel. At the same time, they get on so well that I can’t step up and tell them to stop. If I did, I’d be forcing my characters into what I designated as the appropriate ways for them to respond, and I’d be so mad at myself for it. I’d literally be destroying the flow of the novel.

But dang it, Andrew and Leana, can’t you guys just behave and go with the flow? D8 Not freaking fair.

I also had the idea that every 10 days (Day 10, Day 20, and Day 30. I have no idea why I’m making that clear.) I am going to post a few snippets of what I’ve been writing recently so everyone can get a flow of how my writing style’s changing, of what I’m proud of, of what I want opinions on, etc. Today, it’s going to be the three snippets of interaction that Leana and Andrew have had just so that everyone can giggle at the fact that I’m writing profanity now and how uncomfortable it makes me. At the same time, I also want to know if anyone else can read the chemistry that’s developing between them or to see if I’m just crazy.

In sort of related news, tomorrow the Nashville NaNos are having a Double Your Word Count day and I’m sort of scared. Basically you take your average word count over the course of these 10 days (so mine would be about 2,600) and then double it (which would be 5,200) and you write that much for the day. We’re also in the middle of a word war with the Netherlands area on that day, which means we have to kick in and write as dang much as we possibly can. Kiiiiiiind of excited, not gonna lie. And scared. And excited. It keeps going back and forth, really.

Something tells me I’m going to need a dang good Leana/Andrew scene if I’m going to get that far.