Day’s Word Count: 1,926.

Total Word Count: 18,874.

Words to Go: 31,126.

If there’s anything wonderful about being a writer, it’s being able to make the most obnoxious metaphors about your creations due to little things that happen in your everyday life.

For example…there is a smattering of loose gravel along one of the sidewalks I typically walk down to get back to my college campus from one of my classes. It’s not a big deal. It comes from the neighboring parking lot. Etc. I’ve handled it a billion times before, in fact, with absolutely no problems.

Today I guess I let my guard down because I ended up skidding suddenly and nearly doing the splits. Luckily my knee caught me before any really painful things happened, though I now have multiple brightly colored bruises as well as several angry scabs along it from the fall. Miraculously my jeans came out perfectly fine, and I can only thank God that I wasn’t wearing my jeans with the gigantic holes in the knees like I considered doing earlier today because it would have ended up a heck of a lot worse than just a little limp and a little annoying pain for a few days.

Now, consider the amusing metaphor for my novel: you drop your guard for a second, and suddenly you’re so far out of your comfort zone that it hurts. Genius, right? ;P

My mentor and I are finally delving into the more intimate parts of the story arc that I’m planning, the various things that absolutely must happen in order to make this happen (aka: an inciting incident that forces the character to try to escape his comfort zone, etc.), and it’s really making me dive into this things headlong. Gosh, I wish I met with him more than once a week. With these wacky metaphors appearing in my head and all, God knows I need someone to guide me toward the path of literary success.

Almost to 20k. And then almost to 25k, the halfway mark. Wow. I’m doing this. I’m seriously doing this, you guys, and it’s GOOD. Like, it’s actually half-decent writing. I can’t even express to you how exciting it is. 8D Thanks for sticking with me. You rock.