Day’s Word Count: 2,083.

Total Word Count: 13,440.

Words to Go: 36,560.

Today is the first time that I’ve really realized how difficult it is for me to find a balance with this. I am consumed almost daily by two great artistic passions: singing and writing. In the midst of my writing, I realized I haven’t practiced since I started NaNoWriMo, not once. It’s a miracle that I pulled such an awesome voice out of my butt in my vocal lessons on Thursday, actually.

Today I also went to a friend’s senior recital and listened to the beautiful sounds of a viola for a half hour or so. After that, I found it almost impossible to dive into my writing. It was so strange. I found I couldn’t focus because all I wanted to do was listen to and be around music.

Thus I reach my first dilemma…how am I to strike a balance between my love for music and my love for literature? How do I complete this novel – and make a good one at that – and manage to kick tail at my jury until their jaws drop? How am I supposed to make this possible when I can’t even write at the same rate I have been for the past few days simply because I dropped my guard for a second and became absolutely swept up in the world of music again?

Tomorrow I also attend my first official NaNoWriMo write-in, where many of us across the Nashville area will gather in the Parthenon and write at the feet of artistic giants. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of nervous. Will I get anything done? Will I sort of just snuggle up in a corner and ignore everyone else just to write? Will I make any friends to expand my community of writers? Kind of an intimidating thing for a girl like me.

Apparently tonight is just a night full of questions. I also have very little to say. There’s a great deal of frustration, stress, and tension afoot tonight, and I can but pray that God will relieve me of it.

…no, I take that back.

I can only pray that He will stand back and let me fight through this frustration, stress, and tension…until I’ve smote it all with His help and have something beautiful to show for it.