I find it incredibly ironic that basically the second after I create this blog, all muse and determination I had to create absolutely vanished. What a horribly unproductive summer. As it is, however, I seek to remedy this by participating in National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo or The Ninth Circle of Hell.

The basic premise of the month is this: I will write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. That’s it. That amounts to around 1667 words per day, for those of you keeping count. What’s really fun is to consider that I’m doing this while also preparing for my audition into the Performance emphasis of my major at my college, holding down my GPA in the Honors Program, wining and dining my boyfriend, maintaining a social life, burning through concerts…

So why am I doing this, exactly?

If you are a red-blooded human being (blue-blooded human beings and Wookies are also acceptable), then you more than likely understand the great desperate surge of adrenaline that flows through you when you do something adventurous or terrifying. I submit to you that the act of creation gives you the same thrill, whether you are writing, composing, drawing, filming, or playing an instrument. I seek this sensation, and I seek it wholeheartedly.

Besides, can’t you just imagine the bragging rights?

Anyone who wishes to follow alongside me on my journey may tune in here daily and watch the little widget on the right sidebar there, which will be updated every day (I hope) as I progress. I shall also be posting a daily entry on this blog that will somehow correspond to the process, whether it be a hint at the plot summary, something I discovered that day about myself through my writing, or sheer emoness as I devolve into a lesser being that can’t handle the stress of it all. But God, I am determined to finish it.

I welcome your encouraging comments in these entries. Don’t hesitate to give me a quick “You go, girl!” or something equally as stereotypical. I’ll love you forever and shower you with hugs.

Here we go, then. Godspeed to us all.