Hello to all!

To anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m a wee author who is hoping to be published one day. 🙂 One of my less extreme goals, as it happens. However, as I’m generally shaky about throwing my works at specific people and asking them to read them and to make comments and critiques on them, I thought that this might be easier for all parties involved. If you like something, sweet, let me know. If not, sweet, let me know too. Tell me what images these works inspire in you. Do they make you uncomfortable, or do they feel like home? What would you have done instead?

Keep in mind that most of the works here will be severe works in progress, some of them not even quite finished at the time of posting. I’m planning on using this blog as a sort of preview area, getting opinions from people before I shower various literary journals with my name and words.

Regardless of if you comment or critique or not, I hope you enjoy!